Perianth Farm

Perianth is a woman-run farm in the heart of the Hudson Valley that specializes in growing cut flowers and culinary herbs.


Flower Shares 

Mixed Variety Bouquet Share: These ready-to-go bouquets will have different blooms and colors each week based on the season. Starting June 27th-August 31st.

Fall Dahlia Share - Come September, our stunning Dahlias will be in bloom. We grow over 20 varieties of these amazing flowers. The variety of color, shape, and size of these blooms will amaze you. Starting September 7th - October 12th.

Pork Shares 

Our heritage breed, pasture-raised pigs live in the wooded acres that surround our farm. Here they happily roam in the woods, where they graze freely on wild plants and bugs in addition to eating Stone House Organic Grain.


Mixed Variety Bouquet Share - $170 for 10 weeks ($17/week)

Fall Dahlia Share - $150 for 6 weeks ($25/week)


Pork Shares

1/8 Pig share (approx. 15 lb*) for $150 - deposit $75

1/4 Pig share (approx 35 lb*) for $350 - deposit $175

1/2 Pig share (approx 70 lb*) for $650 - deposit $325

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Additional Farm Offerings

Payment Plans

This web directory is a community resource to help you research your local CSA options. If you discover a CSA program that meets your needs, you must contact the farm directly to invest in a share. The Hudson Valley CSA Coalition does not facilitate any financial transactions.