Grass + Grit Farm is owned and operated by Ben Roberts, Maddie Morley, and James Walton. Our farm produces a diverse selection of healthy, delicious, and responsibly raised meat and eggs. We set a high bar for animal welfare, prioritizing our animals need to express their natural instincts while protecting and improving the soil, water, and surrounding ecology of the farm.


We raise:


– 100% grass-fed lamb
– 100% grass-fed goat
– pastured, non-GMO pork
– pastured, non-GMO eggs (duck and chicken)
– pastured, non-GMO poultry, including chicken, duck, turkey, and guinea hen.


Our products are sold through CSA shares and at farmers markets.


Grass + Grit Farm is located in New Paltz, NY at the Hudson Valley Farm Business Incubator, which provides the tools and resources aspiring agricultural entrepreneurs need to develop and manage viable farm enterprises in the Hudson Valley.