Longhaul Farm, launched in January 2011, is a farm and think/act/learn space located in Garrison, NY in the lower Hudson Valley. Longhaul Farm practices organic, sustainable agriculture while striving to make farming, gardening and issues of food and social justice accessible, relevant, and present in the lives of as many different groups of people as possible. Our farm is built around principles of ecological balance: committing to zero waste; using compost, animal and plant manures to feed the soil instead of chemicals; growing diverse crops, herbs and flowers to naturally keep away pests and disease; raising livestock as contributors to our ecological system; working at a small enough scale that most everything is done by human hands; honoring the earth as a living organism that shares interconnections between the plants, animals, people and all other living and non-living things; and finding joy in the simple pleasure of being able to eat just-harvested, simple, whole foods for dinner.