A unique new style of flexible CSA offering where customers are able to customize and freely choose their CSA share at a number of local farmers markets, and CSA pick up locations. Customize your preferred produce share each week from 25-40 different produce offerings. Don’t want Kale? Swap it out for lettuce. Don’t want beets? Swap it out for potatoes. There is literally an average of 30 options to choose from. Cant make your preferred pickup due to conflicting schedules? Come to any of our 4 flexible pickup locations and times throughout the week. We want your share to be as fresh and flexible as possible to suit your needs.


Common Hands Farm, located in Philmont, NY, is an organic CSA and community market farm in its 6th year of production. We grow a full array of annual crops, 100+ varieties of veggies, fruits, herbs, and flowers. In 2016 we will integrate chickens, goats, and bees into our farm system. We grow on about 10 acres for 200+ CSA members locally and in the city, supplying to local farmers markets, restaurants and other wholesalers. We are a regenerative agriculture based farm using the techniques of permaculture and Biodynamics to bring about long term resilience through our farming of the land, building of healthy soils, and feeding ourselves and our greater community.


We believe that food is medicine, and one’s primary form of healthcare. We believe that fresh, nutrient-rich food should be available to all, as well as the ability to create and share beautiful meals, and to create nourishing spaces together.


All of our Pickup sites (with the exception of Chatham) have a farmers market style choose your own share option. All pickup sites and times are flexible to pick a time and place that works for you each week so you don’t miss out due to your schedule. Your food will always be fresh! Can’t make your preferred pickup time and place? No problem, your share will be freshly picked and waiting for you to customize at any of our other locations that week.