Our Story


Three years ago we founded Letterbox Farm, a collectively owned and operated commercial farm in Hudson, NY. We are a young, quickly growing start-up, working to build a diverse and sustainable farm. We tend 64 acres of fields, woods, ravines, and mountainside, just outside downtown Hudson. Our river town is home to 7,000 diverse residents and a burgeoning new economy based on food, arts and culture.


What We Do


We raise special vegetables, herbs, pork, chicken, eggs, and rabbit using best practices in animal welfare and organic management. We distribute our goods through two farmers markets (Rhinebeck NY and Chappaqua NY), a fleet of restaurants in the valley and Manhattan, and a full-diet CSA.


Outside the work day, we undertake research and community organizing projects that benefit the farm community and our local economy. We also host farm dinners and events that celebrate seasonality and place.


Our Mission


To develop a exemplary diversified farm that takes care of land, takes care of people, and generates real wealth in our community.




In addition to knowing you’re supporting our farm when we need it most, members enjoy:


PRICE DISCOUNT: The total retail value of each box ranges from $60-$70 dollars. Members are saving 10-25% on the goods they would otherwise purchase at retail value.


YOU-PICK ACCESS: Members and their families can stop in and help themselves from our herb and flower you-pick garden, from 8 to 5 any day of the week.


SPECIAL EVENTS: Members will receive first notice of farm events, receive discounts on ticketed events and will have periodic events and activities just for them.




VEGETABLES: 5-6 items provided per share
GREENS: 1-2 items per share
CHICKEN, PORK & RABBIT: Available on the points system
EGGS: One dozen provided per week
SPECIAL ITEMS: occasionally through the season.
FLOWERS & HERBS: available in you-pick garden”