We are a first generation family farm that focuses on producing the highest quality, pesticide-free berries, vegetables, and cut flowers possible. We started our farm from scratch and now produce year round. We conduct cutting edge research on our farm and are the first farm nationwide that has been able to grow blueberries free of infestation from larvae since the introduction of an invasive species, without the use of pesticides – neither organically approved pesticides, nor non-organic pesticides. We use biological control in our greenhouses, employing 5 different species of beneficial insects so that we don’t have to use pesticides (again, neither organically approved pesticides nor non-organic pesticides) in our greenhouses.


Our CSA is “free choice” and products can be obtained at both our farm store in Stephentown and at our booth at the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market, every Saturday 52 weeks a year. We offer premium quality produce and other local farm products. Everything we offer at our farm store is from within 50 miles of our farm and our CSA can be used for everything we sell.