About This Project

This directory is a collaborative effort of CSA farmers in the Hudson Valley who share a common desire to bring the CSA experience to more of their neighbors and community members. Inspired by Wisconsin’s FairShare CSA Coalition, the Hudson Valley CSA Coalition is a network facilitated by Glynwood of more than 60 farms in this region (and growing). Through a series of strategic initiatives, our goal is to recruit first-time CSA members, expand the local CSA member base of area farms, and to make CSA a familiar and accessible option for everyone in the Hudson Valley.

Program Sponsors and Supporters

Glynwood is an agricultural non-profit with the mission to ensure that the Hudson Valley is a region defined by food where farming thrives. It facilitates the network of farmers that form the Coalition through strategic, managerial, administrative, and fundraising support.

Clearway Community Solar is proud to be a sponsor of the Hudson Valley CSA Coalition, in support of the Coalition’s high priority projects, including exploratory research for providing subsidized CSA shares to low-income households. Clearway Community Solar builds and operates Community Solar farms throughout the Hudson Valley, providing locally-produced solar power to residents without rooftop installation.

This project was launched with the support of a three-year grant from the Farmers Market Promotion Program of USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (Grant No. 16FMPPNY0044).

What is CSA?

It’s Relationship; It’s Sharing; It’s Investment; It’s Community; It’s Nourishing; It’s Consuming Something Awesome!


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