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This directory is a collaborative effort of CSA farmers in the Hudson Valley who share a common desire to bring the CSA experience to more of their neighbors and community members. Inspired by Wisconsin’s FairShare CSA Coalition, the Hudson Valley CSA Coalition is a network facilitated by Glynwood of more than 60 farms in this region (and growing). Through a series of strategic initiatives, our goal is to recruit first-time CSA members, expand the local CSA member base of area farms, and to make CSA a familiar and accessible option for everyone in the Hudson Valley.

CSA Terminology Defined

Dairy Share

Dairy shares are often offered as add-ons to your main share, but depending on the farm, may be offered on their own. Yogurt, milk, and/or cheese are typical elements of a dairy share.

Variety Share

A “full plate” or “whole diet” share will include a range of ingredients one would need to create a complete meal. In addition to a range of vegetables and proteins, you might also receive bread and/or grains, honey, herbs, flowers, maple syrup, and cheese.

Small Size

A small size share (also called half, biweekly, or mini) is one that typically feeds one or two individuals. Some farms offer a half-size weekly share, others a regular size share on a biweekly basis. Please ask the farmer how they define and disburse their small shares.

Payment Plans

If it is impossible or inconvenient to pay for your entire share in advance, many farms offer a variety of flexible payment options to spread cost across the CSA season.

Winter Shares

A share of cold weather and/or frozen produce offered as a bridge between the end of fall harvest and the beginning of the next growing season.

Working Shares

In exchange for volunteer effort, some farms offer a reduced price share.

Specialty Shares

Less common share varieties may include early / late season produce, frozen vegetables, prepared foods, bread, coffee, or holiday pick-ups, among other things. A specialty share might also offer unique sizing options (XL, medium), scheduling flexibility, or a custom-designed collection of produce / products. Please ask the farmer what types of specialty shares they offer.

Subsidized Shares

Some farms offer shares paid in part or in full by other CSA members or the farm business itself for those in need of assistance. Please ask the farmer how their subsidy program works.

What is CSA?

It’s Relationship; It’s Sharing; It’s Investment; It’s Community; It’s Nourishing; It’s Consuming Something Awesome!

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