Earthly Remedies

If you are looking for natural, chemical-free, products that won't harm your body or the environment, then you will be happy with your choice to support Earthly Remedies.

Hi, my name is Erin Ethier.  I am the owner and herbalist at Earthly Remedies. About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with MS and ever since then I decided I had to take better care of myself and that meant changing how I ate and what I exposed myself to.  That is what really started this journey for me.  Around the same time I had my first son and then 3 years later had my second son.  My younger son ended up having a bunch of allergies and I found that making my own products for him seemed to help resolve a lot of the issues.  I stopped buying cleaning products, lotions, bubble baths, and soaps and made my own.  I simplified things a lot and started making most of my own products just for our family. That grew into what has become Earthly Remedies!

I studied and took Rosemary Gladstar's Science and Art of Herbalism. I am currently enrolled in the Herbal Academy Advanced Herbal Course so I can gain the necessary training to be listed as a professional herbalist on the American Herbalists Guild.

I have taken a variety of other online essential oil and herbal classes: classes with Jessie Hawkins from the Vintage Remedies Learning Center; herbal courses from Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine; essential oil classes from the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine; essential oil classes from the School for Aromatic Studies with Jade Shutes; and also attended many online essential oil summits and continuing education webinars on herbalism and have also participated in seminars on nutrition. I have listened to many others speak on herbalism and healing and through my mother and a dear childhood friend, I have learned the majority of what I know. I have been around plants and herbs my whole life. What I love about the herbal world is that it is so magical and has so much to offer and teach us.

I am a non-certified organic grower whose goal is to be as sustainable as possible. I grow most of my own vegetables that I put up for the winter, along with a lot of the herbs that I use in many of my products.  I and my husband are "mostly" vegetarian but raise our own chickens for eggs and meat (I have two growing boys who need the protein).  We also tend a couple of beehives and collect honey in the fall.  We have a small orchard of fruit trees, including apples, peaches, pears and plums. I sell our extra produce and eggs along with fresh herbs throughout the summer as they are available. In the fall I typically have raw honey that is available for sale but it goes very quickly.

What we put on our skin matters; it gets absorbed through our pores and makes its way into our bloodstream affecting our vital organs.

Earthly Remedies makes an all-natural line of organic and locally made medicinal herbs and botanical skincare and bodycare products. My products include, but aren't limited to, herbal tinctures/extracts, herbal syrups, herbal teas, deodorants, lip-balms, herbal salves, hand and body creams, tooth powder, eczema creams, dry shampoo, herbal buckwheat bags, baby products, pet products, wool dryer balls, and much more. They are made with products such as beeswax (of which I use some of my own), organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, our own raw honey, a variety of organic essential oils, and organic herbs that I grow and forage myself. Everything is made fresh in small batch with all-natural materials.

I am committed to providing products that are 100% natural, 100% chemical free, and mostly all organic

(which means no petroleum, no preservatives, no parabens, no GMOs, no synthetic fragrances, and no stabilizers).  I do not test on animals and none of the raw materials that I source are tested on animals. I use as much recycled packaging as I can. I ask that you wash and find other uses for the glass packaging or that you recycle it. The only animal-based product that is used is beeswax - I do not use any other animal based products in my products line.

My goal is to do no harm to both the environment and to our bodies. You can rest assured that when you purchase a product with the Earthly Remedies name that you are supporting a small business that truly cares about you and the environment.

Business Practices and Ingredients: I use a large selection of organic herbs that I grow or forage or source from organic suppliers that I trust. I try to source as many ingredients as I can from local suppliers whenever possible. I source my gluten-free alcohol from two different local farm distilleries.  I purchase my organic buckwheat from the Finger Lakes. We use wool that is local from Schoharie County and from Maine. Essential oils and carrier oils are purchased from highly reputable organic suppliers. I use organic fabric. I purchase most of my labels, design work, and packaging from small local companies. When I run out of my own beeswax I purchase it from a local source. Whenever possible I limit the use of packaging materials to help protect the environment.


All shares will include: FREE Herbal consultation for you and your family.

Shares may include items such as an herbal salve, herbal cream, seasonal items (i.e.  Honey when available), single dried herb or a tea blend, herbal syrups, soaps, an herbal tincture of your choice.  Herbal Tinctures; I will make recommendations for some tinctures that fit the season/month (meaning in the winter I would recommend something like the immune booster or the cough and cold), but you can always choose a different one.

Shares can also include items like a deodorant, face wash, face tonic, toothpaste, mouthwash, dry shampoo, bug spray, Tick Flick'r, essential oil roll-ons, buckwheat wrap, and dryer balls. There will be flexibility in selections meaning you will have choices of items to choose from each month wit the exception of the quarterly share (that will already be predetermined based on the seasons).


When you purchase a share of our Herbal CSH program, you are supporting me your local herbal apothecary and saying yes to saving some money and trying some great products that aren't offered to other customers! You also get first dibs at some of the new products that come out. Since I use only the best ingredients that I grow organically myself, forage, or purchase organically, you are getting a great quality product and you are choosing to support your own health and advocate for yourself.  You are learning about the benefits of using herbs and natural products in your everyday life.

Contact me to talk about doing a work share if interested. These are limited.


Large share cost $720 if paying yearly  -$65 if paying monthly

Smaller shares cost $415 if paying yearly  -$45 if paying monthly

Quarterly Shares cost $260 if paying yearly -$70 if paying quarterly.

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Pickup Locations

Earthly Remedies By Erin
264 Main Street
Richmondville, ny 12149
Sun 4:00:pm-6:00:pm (monthly) / Thu 9:00:am-2:30:pm

You can set up a time to pick up you CSH share anytime that I am home. If you are local we can also meet. I will also ship the herbal shares, just not with fresh herbs.

Honest Weight Food Coop
100 Watervliet Ave
Albany, ny 12206
Mon 9:00:am-12:00:pm

I will meet customers at the Honest Weight food coop. I am there every Monday morning.

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