Fishkill Farms

Fishkill Farms has been producing high-quality, sustainable fruits and vegetables for three generations in East Fishkill, New York. In 2016 we proudly received organic certification from NOFA NY for all our vegetables, berries, eggs, and some of our apples. We use a low-spray, integrated pest management approach to produce our fruit, and all our apples are Eco-Apple certified.

We grow dozens of modern and heirloom apple varieties, plus peaches, blueberries, blackberries, pears, nectarines, cherries, and a selection of vegetables, herbs and flowers, all available for picking in season. We also produce organic eggs from our happy pasture-raised hens, and fresh-pressed, preservative-free apple cider.

The heart of the farm community is our CSA, and the pick of all our fruit and vegetable crops goes into our weekly CSA shares. We welcome farm visits, whether for fresh fruit and vegetable picking, farm events or to shop the variety of local products in our farm store. In addition to the farm store and CSA, our produce can also be found at several farmer's markets in the Hudson Valley and New York City.


2020 Fishkill Farms Summer CSA

25 Weeks - June 5th - November 21st

Pickup Times: Fridays: 2pm-7pm & Saturdays: 8am-12pm

Pick-your-own Harvest Times: Fridays: 9:00am-7:00pm & Saturdays: 8:00am-12:00pm

You can harvest the pick-your-own portion of the share any time before the next pick up, however, we cannot guarantee the full portion of the share.


Full Summer Fruit & Vegetable Share Fishkill $995*/$1,045

Receive a weekly supply of the best fruits and veggies from the farm throughout our 25-week growing season. A majority of your share will be available as a market-style pickup while another portion will consist of a pick-your-own component.  In order to provide you with more variety and focus on what we grow best, we will be sourcing some vegetables from local farms who share the same certifications (certified organic) and values as we do. A combination of about 10 fruit and vegetable varieties per week that should satisfy most of the produce needs of a family of 4. Please keep in mind that shares vary from year to year depending on crop conditions. 

*Early bird pricing until April 12th, 2020

Small Summer Fruit & Vegetable Share Fishkill $620*/$650

Receive a weekly supply of the best fruits and veggies from the farm throughout our 25-week growing season. In order to provide you with more variety and focus on what we grow best, we will be sourcing some vegetables from local farms who share the same certifications (certified organic) and values as we do. A small share consists of a combination of 5-6 fruit and vegetable varieties per week; perfect for couples or individuals with a passion for cooking. Please keep in mind that shares vary from year to year depending on crop conditions. 

*Early bird pricing until April 12th, 2020


Fishkill Farms Organic & Pasture-Raised Egg Share $160

1 dozen eggs weekly. Our certified organic “beyond-free-range” hens are housed in mobile coops where they enjoy plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and a natural diet of grass and insects. Each week their coops are moved to give them fresh grass and a new place to explore. We supplement their foraging with a blend of nutritious organic (non-GMO) grains, to ensure a well-rounded diet. These are some of the best eggs you’ll ever enjoy!

Treasury Cider Share $195

6 monthly pickups –13 bottles total. Members will receive an average of two bottles of our very own hard cider, Treasury Cider per month.

Treasury Cider is a tree-to-bottle hard cider produced by Fishkill Farms at our century-old family orchard. We use a mix of heirloom, bittersweet and dessert apples that are cultivated, pressed and fermented with care to produce each batch of hard cider. Every ingredient is grown or wild foraged on the farm, and fermented traditionally to produce delicate ciders akin to dry and sparkling white wines.

Hudson Valley Milk Share

25 weekly pickups. Hudson Valley Fresh (HVF) comes from a cooperative of 10 nearby family-owned farms that practice good animal husbandry and produce premium, high-quality dairy products. Their milk is hormone-free, not ultra-pasteurized, and reaches us within 36 hours of leaving the farms.

1 Gallon of Whole-Fat, Low-Fat, 2%, or Skim Milk: $140
1 Half-Gallon of Whole-Fat, Low-Fat, 2%, or Skim Milk: $85
1 Half-Gallon of Chocolate Milk: $94
Pint Half & Half: $46
8 oz of Heavy Cream: $54

Cheese Share  $210

25 weekly pickups. This year we’ve partnered up with Ardith Mae Dairy and Argyle Cheese Farm to bring a selection of handcrafted cow’s and goat’s milk cheese. Ardith Mae Dairy offers selections such as Chèvre with garlic scapes and black pepper, Plain Chèvre, Chèvre with honey and lavender, Goat Feta in brine, Whipped mixed milk feta with fresh herbs, lemon zest and olive oil and Pea Shoot pesto with sunflower seeds. While Argyle offers Basil garlic cheese curds, Quark and Schmear spreads. Members receive a half-pound of cheese rotating among the best varieties from each producer.

Yogurt Share $210

Enjoy a weekly share of Hudson Valley Fresh and Argyle Cheese Farm yogurts. Shares will vary every week from vanilla, plain or hint of maple whole milk yogurt to cute little sweet greeks and delicious 6 oz fruit in the bottom yogurt cups, just to name a few.

Notes from Hudson Valley Fresh’s website on yogurt: We make only creamy, delicious whole milk yogurt rich in nutrients like protein, vitamins and omega 3s, naturally and without supplements. Low fat yogurts – which are made with thickeners and stabilizers – just can’t compare to the natural goodness of whole milk yogurt in our opinion. And what’s the point of fresh, local milk products if they aren’t the way nature intended? Processed in Kingston, NY and delivered from farm to store in 3 days in 7 delicious flavors and plain, so you can flavor it how you like!

Notes from Argyle’s website on yogurt: Our yogurts are non-homogenized, meaning that the cream does separate out and rise to the top. Just stir it back in before serving - it is completely normal for this to happen. The key to our yogurt is simplicity - no pectin, no high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial sweeteners -- just fresh milk, active cultures, and in our various flavors -- a few natural ingredients, sourced locally when available. We make both Greek yogurt and traditional, whole milk yogurt.

Meat Share:  6 monthly pickups

McEnroe Beef Share $588

McEnroe Farm raises certified organic cattle herds (Hereford and Angus) on the rolling hills of their Webutuck River Valley farm. Enjoy a rotation of sirloin steak, rib-eye steak, london broil, ground beef, stew beef, shank, short rib, roast and more.

McEnroe Fresh Chicken Share $126

4 pounds per chicken 
Receive a fresh, organic, pasture-raised whole chicken (4 pounds) every month. Much like our own hens, these cornish cross breeds enjoy a diet of grass and insects as well as an organic grain to supplement their natural diet.

McEnroe Pork Share $220

3 pieces - approximately 4lbs.
McEnroe’s choice may include sausage, pork chops, ground pork, etc.

Highland Farm Venison Share $250

Members will receive either the Griller's Box or Carnivore Club Box. A premium selection of fresh venison cuts and sausages which are flash-frozen to preserve the delicate flavor and packaged in a durable vacuum seal pouch from Highland Farm in Germantown, NY  (*Venison Sausages and Hot Dogs contain a small amount of pork.)

Highland Farm Griller's Box - every other month

Venison Steak, 12oz
Elk Patties, 4 patties - 1 lb
Venison Patties,  4 patties - 1 lb
Venison Sausage or Hot Dogs,  1 pack, 8-10oz

Highland Farm Carnivore Club - every other month

Ground Venison, 1 lb
Ground Elk, 1 lb
Venison Medallions, 8oz
Venison Sausage or Hot Dogs, 2 packs, 8-10oz each

Katie Rose Bakery Bread Share $130

Members receive a rotation of breads crafted from scratch, using high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients. Loaves are shaped by hand and baked in small batches.  Weekly pickups of breads may include Multi-Grain, Country White, Sourdough, Baguettes, New York Seeded Rye and more.

Please let us know via email ( if you have any allergies so we may make appropriate accommodations.

North River Coffee Roasters $165

13 total pickups. Enjoy a bi-weekly pickup of 12 ounces of coffee that is micro-roasted in small batches to ensure freshness and maximize flavor every week for distribution. North River prioritizes coffees with interesting flavor profiles that are certified Rainforest Alliance (RFA) and Fair Trade Organic (FTO) and support farms that provide their workers with fair wages and use sustainable farming methods.

Coffee comes in compostable PLA lined kraft paper bags.  While these bags are great for temporary storage, ideally you’ll transfer your coffee into an airtight container for the rest of the week.  The best place to store coffee is in a dark, not too hot location. A kitchen cabinet works well.

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Pickup Locations

Fishkill Farms Store
9 Fishkill Farm Rd
Hopewell Junction, NY 12533
Fri 2:00:pm-7:00:pm / Sat 8:00:am-12:00:pm

Please bring your own bags to pickup!

Park Slope - Old Stone House
336 3rd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Sat 9:00:am-2:00:pm

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