Good Fight Herb Co.

"Every day I feel like a healthy happy badass when I do my morning self care ritual, taking my herbal tonics and syrups. Lauren has single-handedly taught me to take care of myself when I'm feeling almost-sick, or sick, or stressed, or when I have my fear-of-missing-out (FOMO), or when I can't sleep, or when I'm freaking out, or even when I'm feeling good. Seriously, it's been kind of life-changing. You get a package of medicines every season. I recommend HIGHLY." - Sara Kendall, 2014 CSH member


"Each season, a package full of Good Fight Herb Co.'s most spot-on products arrives at my door. Each shipment supports my well-being in real ways and gives me the powerful experience of gentle and natural self-care every day. Highly recommended, sign up for this year's subscription. it is THE BEST." - Bryn Chernoff, 2015 & 2016 CSH member


Community Supported Herbalism : Good Fight's 4 Season Care Package Program


Herbal medicine, the peoples' medicine, is our oldest form of taking care. It connects our bodies & spirits with nature's wisdom to access healing and wellness. By becoming a member of this program, we provide you with herbal self care support for each season. these medicines are organically grown and gathered, and made by our hands with great care in NY's Hudson Valley.


Each season you'll receive a bountiful package that contains 5 medicinal products, 1 self care surprise and 1 informational booklet.


+The medicinal products address each season's most needed physical and emotional supports. In all 4 packages you will receive 1 tonic to take daily. This tonic will be restorative and nourishing, supporting a daily self care ritual practice. 4 additional products are included, pertaining to the season physically and emotionally to take as needed, offering you herbal self care exploration. These medicines will vary in types (vinegars, teas, syrups, sprays, flower essences, oils, salves and more!).


+The self care surprise is a magical twist to taking care, focusing on ritual & intention setting. With them, members will learn the emotional & magical uses of plants and be offered a way to interact with them. Past surprises have included anointing oils, intentional candles, protection amulet kits, flower essence formulas and more.


+You'll receive a booklet with each package that tells the story of each medicine. You'll learn more specifically about the plants included in the formulas, where they come from, and how and why to take them. This is a really great way to begin or deepen your knowledge of Herbalism.


+The subscription also includes a members only Facebook group where we'll post pictures of the garden and stories of medicine making, to keep us connected throughout the seasons. We encourage members to share their stories of connecting with themselves & the medicines to create community along this journey. The program cost is $365. That's $1/day for a year's worth of handmade and homegrown medicine.


+The seasonal CSA boxes can also be shipped to wherever you're located! There is an option for that on our application.


Our Herbal CSA is a year-round, seasonal care package program that provides members with one bountiful box per season full of remedies that provide you with the most needed physical and emotional supports for each season.

May: Receive Spring Share
July: Receive Summer Share
September: Receive Fall Share
November: Receive Winter Share


Herbal Share: $365 for the complete program (that's $1/day for a year's worth of medicine!)

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