Great Song Farm

Great Song Farm is a small-scale sustainable farm growing a diversity of vegetables, flowers, and herbs using all organic and regenerative farming practices. In 2018, Emily Eder and Maggie Thomas purchased the farm business from Anthony Mecca, who ran the farm for 8 years using organic and biodynamic practices. In 2020 the farm will be going into its 10th year as a CSA farm and its second as a woman owned and operated business. We manage the farm using organic and environmentally sustainable practices with the goal of fostering a healthy, vibrant habitat for our community of birds, bugs, plants, and people.

We prioritize over-all environmental health in our farming methods, and flavor and nutrition in selecting our vegetable varieties. Our on-farm pick-ups are a great opportunity to build a connection with the land on which your food is grown and with the people who grow it! We look forward to chatting with our members at pick-ups where they are invited to go for a walk around the farm, pick a bouquet of flowers, chat with neighbors, and visit our chickens. Community and relationships are the foundation of Great Song Farm and we hope you will join us!

We are located on Milan Hill Rd., just 10 minutes from the center of Red Hook and Rhinebeck. Our farm is on 90 acres of land leased through a generous agricultural easement, with 1.5 acres in vegetable and flower cultivation in 2020 and the rest comprised of cedar and hardwood forest, wetlands, and rolling green pastures. 


Our CSA runs for 23 Weeks, from early June through early November. You can chose from two pick-up days on the farm or pick up at Outdated Cafe in Kingston:

On-Farm Pickups:
475 Milan Hill Road, Red Hook, NY
Tuesdays  3pm-6:30pm
Saturdays 12:30pm-4:30pm
If you cannot pick up your share during distribution, we will package the Farmer’s Choice share for you to pick up at your convenience in our cooler. 

Outdated Cafe
314 Wall St., Kingston, NY 12401
Tuesdays  3pm-6pm
Members picking up at the cafe will receive the “Farmer’s Choice” share and are welcome to visit the farm for you-pick flowers and additional veggies during daylight hours M-Sat.

Delivery to your Door is available for all shares for an added fee. 


We offer a Free Choice CSA model, in which members choose what they take home each week using a simple point system. A Full Share member has 10 points per week to use and a Half Share member has 10 points every other week or 5 points every week. A point may be a big bunch of kale, a few pounds of tomatoes, a bunch of radishes, or a head of Chinese cabbage. This way, you can take what you want and what you are most likely to eat. Want to make a batch of your famous pickles this week? Use your points to get more cucumbers! Tired of kale? Get extra lettuce instead! You will have 9-16 items to choose from every week.

In addition to share points, all shares include Pick Your Own flowers as well as snow and snap peas, beans, and cherry tomatoes.

Full Share (10 points): $700 for 23 weeks, or about $30/week.

This share size is great if you are an individual or couple who cooks at home a lot and eats a lot of vegetables, or for a family. It's also a good choice if you like to do home preservation projects like canning or fermenting or if you like to entertain!

Half Share (10 points every other week/5 points every week): $400, or about $17/week.

Don’t eat that many veggies? Only want to pick up every other week? A Half-share may be right for you. If you sign up for the Half Share, you can pick up a full share every other week, or a half-share every week.

Additional Points: $70/point
You can add up to 3 extra points to your Half or Full Share to tailor it to be just right for you.

Payment Options:
Prepay in Full: Paying the full amount all at once is extra helpful to us as we make major purchases to start the season off.

Pay in two installments: Make two installments before the season begins on June, 1st. 

​We keep our shares as affordable as possible. Our share price is based on the real amount we need to generate in order to cover our operating expenses and basic cost of living. Our profit is getting to do what we love in community. In signing up for a membership, you are purchasing high-quality produce, herbs, and flowers, as well as sponsoring an alternative, sustainable, and environmentally friendly food system for farmers and consumers alike. 

We are working on building our capacity to offer subsidized shares. If you are passionate about participating, but cost is going to be a limiting factor for you, or an extended payment plan would make our CSA feasible, please contact us at

Pay by cash, check, or card. We accept SNAP benefits. Credit card payments will incur a $10 transaction fee for full-season payments and $5 for half payments. 

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Pickup Locations

Great Song Farm
475 Milan Hill Rd
Red Hook, ny 12571
Tue 3:00:pm-6:30:pm / Sat 12:30:pm-4:30:pm

Pick Your Own Flowers,Peas, Beans, and Cherry Tomatoes! Visit with the Chickens and Bees.

If you cannot pick up your share during distribution just let us know 24 hours in advance and we will package the Farmer’s Choice share for you to pick up at your convenience in our cooler. You are also welcome to switch your pick-up day as long as you give us 24 hour notice.

Outdated Cafe
314 Wall St.
Kingston, ny 12401
Tue 3:00:pm-6:00:pm

Members picking up at the cafe will receive the “Farmer’s Choice” share and are welcome to visit the farm for you-pick flowers and additional veggies during daylight hours M-Sat.

Additional Farm Offerings

Classes / Workshops / EBT / SNAP Accepted / Farm Store / Retail / On-Farm Events / Payment Plans / PYO / Subsidized Shares / Volunteer Opportunities

This web directory is a community resource to help you research your local CSA options. If you discover a CSA program that meets your needs, you must contact the farm directly to invest in a share. The Hudson Valley CSA Coalition does not facilitate any financial transactions.