Green Owl Farm

Green Owl Farm is a sustainable, small-scale farm in Rhinebeck, NY growing specialty long-season crops (saffron, turmeric, ginger, garlic, rainbow fingerling potatoes, luffa and bottle gourds). We direct sell and wholesale these crops and the products we make from them at the Rhinebeck Farmer's Market and throughout the Hudson Valley. We also grow over 40 types of vegetables, with many varieties, for our 20 week CSA.  

And we do all of this on only two-thirds of an acre. 

After farming for five years with a tractor, we decided to forgo tilling and establish a permanent bed system. We work our beds with hand tools, with a focus on minimizing soil disruption and creating healthier nutrient dense plants.

Our commitment to the land drives these practices –– sowing, cultivating and harvesting with our feet on the ground and, also, improving our soil’s vitality through tillage reduction, crop rotation, green manure cover cropping, compost and the use of only certified organic fertilizers.  We never use synthetic amendments or GMOs.



VEGETABLE CSA  20 Weeks. Runs from June 8th – October 27th, with a break the first week of August.

FLOWER CSA 25 Weeks. Runs from May 5th – October 27th, with a break the first week of August.


VEGETABLE CSA $650 or $32/week

FLOWER CSA $500 or $20/week

Pickup Locations

Green Owl Farm
206 Mill Road
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Fri 3:30:pm-6:00:pm

Additional Farm Offerings

Classes / Workshops / On-Farm Events / Specialty Shares

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