Kinderhook Farm

At Kinderhook Farm raise 100% grassfed and finished beef and lamb, and truly pastured pork, chicken and eggs.

The Kinderhook Farm MeatShare is a year long, whole farm, nose-to-tail, values-driven share of Animal Welfare Approved Grassfed & Pasture Raised Meats.

MeatShare Members get a box every other month containing a seasonally appropriate selection of 10 to 14 pounds of frozen beef, pork, lamb, chicken or fresh eggs. We will try to keep a good amount of variety so you get to sample lots of different cuts, provide some recipes and really give a taste of all the meats our farm has to offer.

...from our members:

"Absolutely love the variety of animal products included in the share. It encouraged us to mix up our routine meals and cook with a bit more variety, which has been great. The nose-to-tail option also taught us how to use - and appreciate- parts of the animal that we normally wouldn't be purchasing! Cannot wait to see what comes in next years share packs!"

"We have been looking for a mixed meat CSA for years and finally found it! We always enjoyed picking up our share on a weekend morning and spending some time talking with the farmers in the farm store. Everyone at Kinderhook Farm is extremely helpful, friendly, and open about the farm and their practices. Every steak that we grilled seemed to be better than the last and did not need much seasoning beyond salt & pepper. There was a nice variety of cuts and meats between shares which allowed us to try out different cuts that we would normally never have. Thanks for a year of awesome local meat, see you next year!"

"It was like Christmas every other month! We were always excited to see what we received in each box and eat some new cuts of meat we wouldn't normally buy. The flavor and quality is just worlds beyond anything you'd get in the store. It feels like a splurge, but the quality and quantity are well worth the price!"


Pickup every other month starting April 2020 to February 2021. Please sign up by April 5, 2020.

2020 PICKUP DATES (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday), please mark your calendars! Come get your share at the Farm Store anytime between 11am – 4pm

April 17-19 | June 12-14 | Aug 14-16 | Oct 16-18 | Dec 11-13 | Feb 5-7, 2021

We will email reminders and cooking tips the week before each pickup.

See the list of what items were in past year shares.

More about the share:



PAYMENT OPTIONS - first payment due by April 5, 2020

A. Full payment - mail a check, $600
B. Full payment - online with credit card, $620
C. Payment plan - mail a check, $300 due by 4/1, $300 due by 10/15
D. Payment plan - online with credit card $310


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Pickup Locations

Kinderhook Farm Store
1958 County Route 21
Valatie, ny 12184
Sun 11:00:am-4:00:pm / Fri 11:00:am-4:00:pm / Sat 11:00:am-4:00:pm (monthly)

April 17-19 | June 12-14 | Aug 14-16 | Oct 16-18 | Dec 11-13 | Feb 5-7, 2021

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Farm Store / Retail / On-Farm Events / Payment Plans

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