Sawkill Farm

Sawkill Farm is a small-scale, diverse livestock farm. Hogs and poultry are pasture-raised; sheep and cows are grass-fed and grass-finished. We raise heritage breed poultry and hogs and we value using the whole animal. We make bone broth and leather goods from our cattle as well as yarn and pelts from our sheep. In addition to our CSA offering through Starling Yards Farm, we also run a little farm store at our farm in Red Hook that is open year-round, Thursday thru Sunday.


Sawkill Farm meat shares can be ordered through Starling Yards' website listed below. If you would like more information about our farm, please visit our website:


Meat Share: June through November (once a month, 5 pick-ups at Starling Yards)


15 lb Share: 5 lbs from each tier/5 months $750
10 lb Share: 3-4 lbs from each tier/5 months $500
2 lb Family Ground Beef Special (add-on)/5 months $60
2 lb Bacon Special (add-on)/5 months $120
2 lb Steak Lovers (add-on)/5 months $220

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Additional Farm Offerings

Farm Store / Retail

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