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From 2016-2020, the Hudson Valley CSA Coalition was able to offer its services for free, thanks to the support of an FMPP grant from the USDA. But in order to establish long-term financial sustainability of the organization, the Coalition must begin diversifying its funding streams. One way in which we plan to do this is through a paid membership model.

Our model includes four membership tiers, as described below:

  1. Free Membership. Your web profile will include an image of your choice, a link to your farm website, your farm location, and primary contact information. Additional information about your farm, CSA details, and pricing will not be provided.
  2. Basic Membership ($15). Basic Membership includes a full farm profile, complete with CSA distribution locations, share pricing information, and a full farm description. Members additionally receive access to a CSA recipe collection compiled by the Coalition, are eligible to participate in CSA Fairs, and will receive free registration to the 2022 CSA Summit.   
  3. Premium Membership ($50). In addition to Basic Membership benefits, Premium Members receive a discount on CSA Fair registration. They also receive access to print-ready copies of the CSA ‘Zine and Vegetable Information Cards (available in Spanish and English)
  4. All-Access Membership ($150). In addition to Premium Membership benefits, All-Access Members are granted free registration for CSA Fairs; 5 copies of English CSA ‘zines, 5 copies of Spanish CSA ‘zines, and a pack of Veggie Info cards; and are granted a week-long takeover of CSA Coalition social media accounts