What Is CSA

It’s Relationship.

Community Supported Agriculture, CSA for short, is a model of seasonal food production and distribution that brings farmers and customers into a relationship.

It’s Sharing.

CSA members purchase a “share” of a farm’s annual harvest up front, helping the farm establish a solid financial foundation for the season. As a member, you receive a regular selection of freshly harvested food, picking up your share at the farm itself or another designated location. Shares can include vegetables, fruit, meat, flowers, herbs, grains, eggs, dairy, or a combination of all. With a range of styles and sizes, there is a share to suit your particular household, pocketbook, and appetite.

It’s Investment.

CSA keeps farms thriving. Farming is a challenging and risky endeavor, and your CSA investment helps farmers to plan the season, without depending on the whims of the marketplace. CSA allows farms to purchase early-season supplies like seeds, and makes the work of producing food more meaningful. CSA gives farmers the peace of mind of a committed customer base and the knowledge that the food they produce is nourishing their neighbors. You know exactly where your food comes from, and you know that your food dollar directly supports the farm.

It’s Community.

In joining a CSA, you’ll find kindred spirits and make new friends. You’ll know the farmers, and get to know fellow members at pick-up. Many farms offer volunteer opportunities as another way of supporting the work and deepening camaraderie. Some provide newsletters and recipes, workshops, or other on-farm events. Whether you pick-up your share in a library parking lot, or at the edge of the CSA field, you’re joining in fellowship with others who prize good food from well-tended land. Everyone is welcome in CSA.

It’s Value.

Not only does CSA make sense for farmers, it makes sense for members too. There are many ways to procure food, but few are as direct and economically transparent as CSA. The investment you make in joining a CSA is an investment in a healthy local food system. When you pick up your share, you’re getting little waste or packaging, low food mileage, and beneficial agricultural practices. CSA is believing in something and acting on that belief. You receive genuine local food plus a lot of added value!

It’s Nourishing.

When you join a CSA, you’re going to get cooking! Creating healthy, satisfying meals with the superior ingredients is a highlight for many members. Although it can take some getting used to, utilizing what is in your share is a rewarding learning experience. Members often find that what is in the week’s share can help define what is on their home menus in a way that’s quite liberating. Your farmers and fellow members are happy to share their favorite recipes and before long you’ll know the tastiest thing to do with that kohlrabi, celeriac, and goat meat, not to mention the abundance of succulent tomatoes! A flavorful tagine? A comforting pot of ratatouille? Nonna’s famed pasta sauce? Whatever you cook up, CSA makes farm-to-table eating a meaningful everyday practice.

It’s Consuming Something Awesome!

  • Chest-thumping pride in supporting a small farm
  • Immeasurable joy when picking juicy tomatoes from the vine
  • The genuine magic of holding a warm egg
  • Fizzy giddiness at watching children run through the fields
  • Deep satisfaction when cooking colorful, flavorful meals
  • The nutrient rush from ingesting vitamin-packed veggies
  • A return to good health from medicinal salves and tinctures
  • Contentment from consuming humanely-raised livestock
  • Jubilation when surveying the abundance in your weekly share
  • Pervasive peace listening to bees buzzing through the flowers
  • Curiosity and delight when trying unfamiliar fruits and veggies
  • True exhilaration pulling up to the farm
  • A strange desire to start pickling and canning
  • Strong connection to the earth and all living things

It’s Simple.

Become a CSA member today by finding your farm here and claiming your share of this year’s harvest. Discover what CSA means to you.

About this Project

This directory is a collaborative effort of CSA farmers in the Hudson Valley who share a common desire to bring the CSA experience to more of their neighbors and community members.

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